Garrett Gardner is a truly unique talent.  His soaring but effortless vocals, matched with his slick guitar playing make for an experience you will not soon forget.  Garrett excels at all genres, and can provide a one man show that has the entertainment value of a full band.  Garrett incorporates loopers and the use of percussion instruments to fill out the evening.  Below you will find some of his personal achievements
The Voice, season 4[edit]
In The Voice season 4, Gardner auditioned and joined Shakira’s team, since she was the only judge to turn a chair. He sang the "Seven Nation Army" by The White Stripes which captured Shakira’s interest with Gardner’s signature voice.
In the battle rounds, Gardner was paired with J'Sun from Team Shakira and performed "How You Like Me Now?". They were mentored by Joel Madden. After his performance, Shakira chose Gardner.
Gardner then went into the knockout rounds in which he competed against Tawnya Reynolds. He sang "Too Close" by Alex Clare and was chosen to enter the top 16 as semi-finalist.
As he advanced into the live playoffs, he sang "Imagine" by John Lennon where he plays piano and his performance led the judges to save him he and advanced to top 12.[3] Before the top 12 results, team Shakira performed "We Are the Champions" in episode 15. Also, Team Blake & Team Shakira joined forces performing the song "Hall of Fame", as non-competition, intermission number with Gardner as part of the team.
In the top 12 live performances, Gardner crooned "I Want It That Way" by Backstreet Boys which brought positive feedback from the judges. However, on results night, he did not get through to the Top 10 by the public votes.[4] Gardner exited the competition on May 14.
Later, Gardner was invited to perform as a guest in the Fox's talk show “Good Day New York”. On May 17, 2013, he sang his original composition “The Valley” which is to be released soon.